Did you know that the Hill of Tara was once the ancient seat of power in Ireland? Can you imagine the excitement of clans gathering together to select and crown 142 High Kings of Ireland?

Tara is the only site in Ireland that can lay claim to being the exact spot where 142 High Kings were crowned, through rich ritual ceremonies involving the “Stone of Destiny”, said to cry out when the true king touched it. Tara is the place of dwelling for the gods of ancient Irish mythology, the entrance to the otherworld, and a sacred burial site since the late stone age.

Some interpret the name Tara to mean a "place of great prospect“, as on a clear day you can see half the counties of Ireland from atop Tara. Including the mysterious passage-tomb built as early as 3.000 years B.C. and known as the Mound of Hostages, many wonderful treasures have been found here and are displayed today at the National Museum of Ireland.

Audio Tours on The Hill of Tara with Ingenious Ireland

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The audio guide is packed with 80 minutes of stories, music and information, covering all the monuments on the Hill of Tara, enough for a great half-day outing. Plus extra information on legends and landscaple, how to become the High King of Ireland, the ceremonies and sacrifices, and the other places to visit in the area. The soundtrack features dramatised extracts, and music played on replica Bronze Age instruments.