Contest rules and selection criteria

Selection Criteria

The New High King of Tara must demonstrate his (or her) superiority to all other contestants in these qualities:

  • Physical fitness and strength (some of the Na Fianna Challenges will be sporty)
  • Leadership and influence in their local community
  • Brain and brawn: proven accomplishment in their field
  • Solidarity and involvement in their local community (charity, volunteering, philanthropy)
  • Conviction and integrity
  • All 13 final contestants must embody the three mottoes of Na Fianna
  • Galine ar gcroi (purity of our hearts)
  • Near tar ngeag (Strength of our limbs)
  • Beart de reir ar mbriathar (Action to match our speech)

Contest rules

All open applications must be submitted through our web page, using the online application form, which includes the upload of a 3 minute video on youtube.

All partner organization applications must follow the organization’s own internal selection process. The organization will then nominate their candidates to the selection jury.

The selection jury will choose the final 13 contestants by applying their best judgement to choose those who best represent the selection criteria above. Evidence of support through web voting, likes and viral communication will be taken into account in the decision process.

Who are you?

My application to compete in the Tara High Kings Festival is

Why should you be crowned High King of Tara?

Who supports you?

A maximum of 3 community leaders tell us why you should compete for the title of High King of Tara

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  • Applicants must be aware their information will be visible on internet
  • Applicants are open to doing interviews and speaking to local or international media
  • Applicants guarantee that the information they provide is true and that their supporters are real people who truly occupy their positions and truly represent their local community