Contest dates and selection process

Open applications are accepted by email to

To enter you must send in your contact details and write a paragraph about you. 

Our 13 finalists will be announced on July 15th 2013.

A special jury composed of the festival’s Committee members and County Meath representatives will select 13 finalists to compete on the day of the Festival.

Selection Criteria

The New High King of Tara must demonstrate his (or her) superiority to all other contestants in these qualities:

  • Physical fitness and strength (some of the Na Fianna Challenges will be sporty)
  • Brain and brawn: proven accomplishment in their field
  • Conviction and integrity
  • All 13 final contestants must embody the three mottoes of Na Fianna
  • Galine ár gcroi (Purity of our hearts)
  • Near ár ngeag (Strength of our limbs)
  • Beart de reir ar mbriathar (Action to match our speech)

Contest rules

All open applications must be submitted by email to

Several key partner organisations have been helping us make the festival come true, these include: the GAA, An Garda Síochána, Irish Traveller Organisations. More partner organisations are due to follow soon.

These partner organisation applications will nominate a number of contestants to compete on the day of the festival. Each organisation has its own internal selection process. The organisation will then nominate their candidates to the selection jury.

The selection jury will choose the final 13 contestants by applying their best judgment to choose those who best represent the selection criteria described above. Evidence of support through web voting, likes and viral communication will be taken into account in the decision process.

The six Na Fianna warrior tasks

On the day of the festival our 13 finalists will compete with each other in six tasks designed to reproduce the original spirit and intent of the six tasks performed by the Na Fianna warriors.

We are currently working with our experts to design the most interesting and spectacular modern day interpretation of these tasks for festival crowds to cheer and enjoy.

Please check this section very soon to see task description. But meanwhile take a look at a brief description of the six original Na Fianna warrior tasks:

  • No.1 While standing in a hole as deep as his waist he had to be able to defend himself against nine warriors, using only a shield and a hazel rod.
  • No.2 He had to escape from nine warriors by running through the forest without breaking a twig under his feet, or tearing his clothes on bramble.
  • No.3 He had to be able to jump over a branch as high as himself and run under another as low as his knee.
  • No.4 While running at top speed through the forest he had to be able to pick a thorn from his foot without stopping.
  • No.5 He had to learn twelve books of poetry by heart, and also know many of the old legends and stories
  • No.6 When he had passed all these tests he went on his knees and swore to obey the rules of the Fianna, and to serve Fionn and his king.