About Us

About Us

We are brave, passionate people who love and respect The Hill of Tara, its history and the leadership and family values it represents.

From Co. Meath, the rest of Ireland and abroad, we have come together to bring the history of Tara back to life for all to experience in wonder!

We are working to strengthen the Meath community with this new international festival. By rebuilding Irish pride, and inspiring men and women of all ages and origins to embrace the Irish in their lives, we invite the world to visit Ireland and County Meath.


How the Festival was born

The Tara High Kings Festival started life as an idea in Meath Travellers Workshops in June 2012. The Gathering 2013 is people coming together to celebrate, confirm and discuss their Irish identity and culture. Since before Celtic times, Tara was both the political and spiritual meeting point for the Irish people. In fact, even after 142 High Kings reigned from the Hill, it has continued to be recognised as an important and symbolic meeting place. In Ireland’s special Gathering year, the Hill of Tara is the natural place for Meath’s celebration. An event on Tara offers huge potential to attract visitors and instil in them a renewed grá for their Irishness, their history and the heritage of Meath.
The Tara High Kings Festival is a non-profit community initiative. Respect and promotion of the Hill of Tara, its history, importance and magic has been the cornerstone of our plans.

This interactive family festival will take place on private land adjacent to the Hill itself. Activities will include children’s archeological field school, children’s music and art workshops, re-enactment Celtic village, warriors skills, cooking and crafts.


The Main Promoting Organization

Meath Travellers Workshops Ltd has a strong commitment to preserving, promoting and celebrating Traveller History and Irish Culture www.travellerheritage.ie


The Following are the terms and conditions of participation in the Tara High Kings Festival:

1. This is a family event. The consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs are strictly forbidden.

2. Entry to the festival is by ticket only.

3. Smoking is prohibited in all areas. .

4. Access to certain areas is restricted for safety reasons.

5. Participants and speactators must adhere to safety instructions issued at the venue, and follow the directions of the stewards.

6. The Tara High Kings Festival will not be held liable for any property lost, damaged or stolen. 

7. The festival takes place in a historically sensitive location. Fires may be lit by certain exhibitors by prior agreement only, and must be contained above ground        level. Posts should not be driven into the ground.

8. Photographers and television crews will be present at the festival. A selection of photographs and video will be used for promotional purposes on the Tara              High Kings  Festival website, in newspapers, magazines or any other media deemed appropriate. 

9. This is a one day festival. Camping is strictly prohibited on the grounds.